Makabata Guesthouse & Cafe is a social enterprise and youth training program run by Bahay Tuluyan, a children's rights organization. 

Makabata Guesthouse & Cafe was established in 2011  to equip young people with vocational skills and a transition into education or employment.  This social enterprise generates vital income to help sustain the programs of Bahay Tuluyan.  Social Enterprise Youth Associates (SEYA) train at the guesthouse, learning practical skills in Food & Beverage Service, Front Desk, Housekeeping and Workplace Skills.  They are provided a holistic suite of services to help them become happy, healthy and independent adults.   

100% of profits generated from Makabata Guesthouse & Cafe go towards supporting Bahay Tuluyan's programs for children and young people in the Philippines. 

Bahay Tuluyan is a children's rights organization that believes in the dignity of all children. We work to prevent and respond to abuse and violence against children to ensure all children’s rights are fulfilled and protected. We work in dynamic collaboration with and empowerment of children, youth, families and the community.   Established in 1987, Bahay Tuluyan now operates in Manila, Laguna and Quezon provinces in the Philippines running 10 different programs. 

Bahay Tuluyan runs three programs in the focus area of 'Resilient Children'.  Our Street Education and Support program aims to ensure that children do not need to rely on the street to live and that while on the street children are as safe and healthy as possible.  Our Drop In Center aims to improve the developmental outcomes of street connected children, improve their access to services and equip them with skills to protect themselves from abuse and violence.  As part of our Bridge and Formal Education program children are assisted to achieve their educational potential through access to formal and alternative education.

In our focus area for 'Empowered Youth' we run three programs.   As part of the Youth Leadership for Children's Rights program, children and youth are empowered to defend their own rights and the rights of other children as socially responsible leaders and advocates.  Children enhance Bahay Tuluyan's work through meaningful participation in program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.   In the Independent Living Skills Program,  our youth  build holistic skills and experiences to enable them to lead productive, healthy and happy adult lives.  Makabata's Social Enterprise and Self Reliance program equips youth with technical skills and transition into employment.  The program generates valuable income to support Bahay Tuluyan's vital work.

Our third focus area is 'Safe Families' and Bahay Tuluyan runs two programs in this area.  The first program, 'Family Support & Reintegration' aims to support at-risk families to stay together wherever possible.  It also aims to reintegrate children and youth into safe families and supportive environments.    Our Alternative Family Care program ensures that children without safe family environments are provided with quality, rights-based alternative family care.  We also provide effective, rights-based rehabilitation for children and youth at risk or in contact with the law.

Our fourth focus area is 'Child-Friendly Communities' and includes two programs.  Our Children's Rights Education program aims to educate children's rights duty-bearers about children's rights issues and improve their capacity to respect, protect and fulfill children's rights.   The Children's Rights Advocacy and Research program aims to protect children by ensuring effective policy and legal frameworks are in place, that duty-bearers are held accountable and that society is sensitive to social justice issues affecting children.

Donations to Bahay Tuluyan's work are welcome.  We accept both in-kind and financial donations.   

Financial donations can be made through our bank account - BPI 4943 049 276 | Bahay Tuluyan Foundation Inc.  If you make a donation, please email us at so we can send you an official receipt. 

In-kind donations of food, clothing, school supplies and other items can be delivered to any of our centers.  Please email us at for more information. 

For more information about Bahay Tuluyan, visit our website