Makabata Guesthouse & Cafe contains 3 well-equipped, comfortable function rooms perfect for family events, meetings and workshops.  Each room is fully airconditioned and come equipped with tables and chairs arranged to your preference.   For your seamless presentations each room is equipped either with an in-built smart TVs or digital projector.   The building is centrally located in Manila with easy access to a variety of public transport options and local tourist attractions.   For events requiring live-in accommodation, our guest rooms provide a comfortable and affordable option.  Catering packages, offering a variety of delicious dishes, can be arranged to suit your tastes and budget.   

In addition to our fully-airconditioned function rooms, we also have a rooftop garden open space that is great for evening and night time events.   This is an open space that can accommodate up to 70 people and offers great views of the sunset over Manila Bay and the Manila skyline.

ANZ Training Room is the largest training room available at Makabata Guesthouse & Cafe. This spacious, L-shaped room comfortably accommodates 50 people seated at tables.  Equipped with AC and a smart TV suitable for meetings, seminars, workshops and other events.  The room, located on the second floor is easily accessed by elevator and serviced by 3 roomy washrooms located nearby.  Guests can also access the balcony area overlooking Leveriza St.   The room can be arranged for lecture-style meetings or just as easily for children's parties, baptisms or debuts.   

Cubit Family Training Room a freshly renovated training room that has direct access to a large balcony overlooking Leveriza St.  The room comfortably accommodates 30 people and is perfect for birthday parties, baptisms and family events.  Located on the second floor, it is fully airconditioned  with easy access to the elevator and washrooms.    

Planet Wheeler Training Room provides a comfortable setting for small groups of 10 - 15 persons.  Located on the ground floor the room can be arranged for meetings or seminars.  Fully equipped with air-conditioning and smart TV, it has a serving and wash area for meals and snacks.   The room is conducive for both lecture-style meetings and more 'round-table' discussions.  Conveniently located near PWD-friendly comfort room and the main lobby of the guesthouse.  

Makabata Rooftop Garden is the perfect place to watch the sun set in the direction of Manila Bay.  It is a large open area that can be set up for evening and night time events for up to 70 people.  Join us for our monthly Pop Up Pizza nights on the rooftop.   Washrooms are accessible via elevator on the ground floor.  

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